More vintage pattern purchases….I only said I was not going to buy clothes….

11 Mar

So yet again I have been doing some ebay shopping for vintage patterns! What a surprise. Always searching for those elusive items that seem to only ever come up once in a life time. I have compiled a list of these patterns and later on in my blogging life I will share them with you, in the hopes that some fellow sewer can share the wealth. Any way, back to what I managed to nab this week.

First up:

2137 butterick

This is my favorite buy so far because I have been searching for a dress pattern to match that of Mad Mens’s Peggy Olson dress, and although I came close with Vintage McCall’s 3461 this sold for over £30’s on ebay and I simply could not bid as high as that. So I have waited for six months and this little baby fell in to my lap. It cost an ‘extravagant’ £3.50 inc p&p! I actually wooped, how sad.

Below is my Peggy dress of inspiration and the material I intend to use from Favourite Fabrics at £3.50 a meter. Not sure how to make the button front yet…..probably will be a fake join. Any help appreciated folks!

Mad Men's Peggy Olson


The next group of patterns were all purchased on auction from the same seller on ebay- the paper guy. I managed to get all 5 patterns for £51.98 inc p&P so technically they cost $1o (£7) each, which I am very happy with seeming as some of these have sold for £20 each. I also love getting American patterns because, like now some designs were never published over here in the UK.

PLAYSUIT PINAFORE JUMPER pattern 1135 14 uncut

Love this playsuit as I have just bought a vintage one very like it from cow and want to make more. I love that the 50’s style has the longer culottes rather than very short shorts, and a playsuit with pockets would be amazing. Looking for some soft rayon for this make.

Simplicity HOUSE COAT/DRESS pattern 4886

This pattern in picture 1 is almost exactly like one of my favorite dresses by Rare, which I bought in a Topshop sale about 8 years ago for £5. Sadly it has seen better days and really could do with being retired. Now I have a way of employing a new one! A stretch jersey in a emerald green maybe or spot like the original? Watch this space.

Simplicity SUN DRESS pattern 3552 size 40

There is this one pattern on my ‘want list’ that has caused no end of trouble. It’s the sailor dress McCalls 4395. It has came up once on ebay in 19 months and sold for just over £25. Boo! If it had been the perfect size I may have pulled out all the stops but sadly it was a little small. Since then I have been purchasing different patterns with similar features including this simplicity pattern with a picture frame collar. I will shorten this or make the bottom in to a wiggle skirt for a sailor inspired dress in red/navy with white collar. I’ll be wearing this in falmouth with a Pimms in one hand and book in the other. Perfect.

McCall DRESS pattern 8114

Not sure what I will be doing with this, its defiantly not at the top of my ‘to do’ pile but I love the pockets and could modernize the length, Or maybe just make the skirt part in a shorter length with extra ease?

Simplicity JUMPER & BLOUSE pattern 2705

This fifth pattern was an add on purchase. Can you guess why I loved it? Yes its those dam pockets again. I simply can not help myself. I will probably add to these pockets by making them heart shapes. Cute cute cute.

I also bought 2 bargains from a shop on etsy. Two girls dresses….again not sure if i will even make these seeming as the only little girl in my family is 10 months old. I just like the idea that these miniature dresses take less fabric so they cost less to make, whilst still challenging my skills. These patterns cost me $1 each! (£0.65) with $4 postage for both. If I do make them I will probably sell them on Etsy. I am going to be selling a few of my reviewed dresses in the future. Ones that either do not fit anymore or were dresses I made for skill development rather than for an event. I also have over 200 items of purchased clothing that I have sorted out from the junk in my loft/6 wardrobes and mothers house. There was over 500 items but i sent a lot to charity and kept the best for selling. These sales will be put forward to fund my sewing and craft projects. Just need to get round to doing it! Hope you enjoyed these lovely patterns. Off to review a finished project.

Girls Early 1950s Circle Skirt Dress with Fitted Bodice Simplicity Pattern 4388 Size 12

Girls 1950s Pretty Flutter Sleeve Party Dress Simplicity 3292 Size 10

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6 Responses to “More vintage pattern purchases….I only said I was not going to buy clothes….”

  1. Charlie March 11, 2011 at 9:31 am #

    Totally forgot to bring my pattern to my parents with me, another weekend wasted! Still that first one looks fab!

    • elationcreations March 11, 2011 at 9:59 am #

      You ought to come to b’ham with that pattern and we could have lady like sewing day with cupcakes and tea! I really want to see what you are planning on making…send a link asap

      That first one will be my next make i feel. off to look for fabrics this evening. yay.

  2. lucie March 11, 2011 at 11:43 am #

    just wanted to point out sophie is only 7 months not 10

    • elationcreations March 11, 2011 at 12:15 pm #

      in sewing terms she is 10 months. You have to plan at least 2 months when making a project. :)

  3. dressingmyself March 11, 2011 at 12:08 pm #

    That black & white check will look so chic! Hope you don’t think I’m teaching my grandma to suck eggs, but I suggest you hand baste the slide seams to ensure the fabric pattern matches perfectly.

    • elationcreations March 11, 2011 at 12:23 pm #

      Hi dressingmyself, do not worry about helping me. All comments are welcome and this is really good information. I class myself as a novice so I will take your advice and hand baste… to get those plaids perfect. Never worked with them before so any other ideas you have please post. Thank you for your help and keep checking back for the making of this dress.

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