My new colour crush. Mustard. YUM YUM

14 Mar

I am having shopping withdrawal symptoms which includes me systematically looking trough all clothing websites only to find my favorites are all offering discounts and trawling Ebay for missed items of lovelyness.  Rubbish. It does not help that a certain person keeps taking me out shopping so he can find some new trousers leaving me to wander the female sections of my favorite clothes shops feeling needy. Today 4 different male shopping assistants asked if I was okay because I was forlornly stroking dresses and caressing shoes. I must look desperate. So as a way of window shopping (or maybe torturing myself)  I have complied a list of items I simply love, with one catch. They are all in my current favorite colour- Mustard.

This cute boyfriend/longline cardi is from anthropologie but at £68 I will have to budget that in my monthly expenditure. It is made from a cotton/linen/spandex which would give a lovely drape, but I would like it to have a ribbed tapered bottom as this always gives my curvy bum a more flattering shape. The one below from Ebay Facoup1 is a little more in my price range of just under £15 inc p&p. Saved for Easter buying me thinks. Also love it in navy…..

Other things in Mustard I would love would be a pair of flat shoes or very low heels.

Of course I would love to wear very high heels but until they invent hip replacements that work forever I am fashion restricted. I like these Boden flats in ‘straw’ but think spending £69 is quite alot on flats that, no matter what I do smell like feet within the first month of wear because you can not wear socks with sort legs….yuk.

I have been on the look out for a cheaper pair but so far have drawn a blank…even the ones at office are £52!

I have found a lovely pair of heels that I could wear for short periods of time, and with the use of my stick, but will be searching ebay for cheaper options.

I also have come across a few other items of the mustard variety….the boden belt may already be one of my daily wears but I shall include it in this wish list as I would buy another if it goes into the sale. (fingers crossed)

I just love this belt. I wear it with loads of outfits and it just does its job of looking good. Sadly wearing it loads and touching it with grubby, school soiled hands have made it a little dirty. I will get it professionally cleaned in a few months to restore it to its former glory.

Another item I fell upon is a western style cow girl shirt by Irregular choice. Its yellow/mustard and would look cute with my Levi bold curve black jeans and red cowboy boots. Its on sale at a very reasonable £15. I do have a few vintage patterns for western shirts, but none are for women so whilst my make friends can rock out in my vintage inspired projects I have to resort to buying….at least this is my excuse.

Last but not leased I wanted this dress by ASOS. Sadly the colour shown here (oil yellow) sold out thanks to LOOK show casing it in their magazine. Thanks a lot look. Guess with my 32FF cups I would not find a bra to support me.

Other things that happened this week:

Although I hardly ever shop TK MAXX because I hate the rummaging around like I am at a jumble sale only to find a half decent Item that is still highly over priced, I am aware they are currently supporting red nose day with Vivien Westwood ‘designed’ t-shirts. I decided whist out on an excursion to Ikea to buy new fabric to make a slight detour and have a look at what was on offer. Not much was the answer. Like most high fashion designer’s who let cheap high street brands use their name, the choice was limited and quality pretty poor.

I know that I am unable to by clothes because its lent I feel this is a good cause purchase and I would not be in trouble for getting it. So I did. I think I would rather have her nipples on show rather than the red nose, but at least I can wear it to work. I’m not too sure why this and a punk’s face were the only two fitted ladies t-shirts in the collection. I would have bought one with queenie from black adder on it but sadly they were awful baggy ‘unisex’ t-shirts. I checked the website to see if they had the alternative design but all i could find was a tool to put my face on a tshirt. I am queenie.

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2 Responses to “My new colour crush. Mustard. YUM YUM”

  1. Tonia snelling November 11, 2013 at 1:06 am #

    The shoes… mustard yellow heels… where did you find these? they are exactly what i’m looking for but don’t know where to find them, please write back when you can. Thank you!


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