New Fabric shopping. Amy butler and Simplicity 2591

16 Mar

Just a little post to log a few Fabric buys, again so I do not keep duping myself. Always duping! I did not buy any fabric from ikea seeming as all the light weight dress making type were pretty boring or the wrong colour for my pale pale skin tone. These on the other hand are bright and interesting.

Amy Butler Lotus Pond Tangerine 2 meters £14.00


Amy Butler Nouveau Trees Green 0.5 meters £3.50

Both these fabrics where purchased on sale from ebay user Miloabcrabbit who also have a store nerybethcrafts which is packed full of fabrics I am itching to buy.  I plan to use both fabrics in the same project. The green for pockets, lining and bia bindings. Never made binding so that should be fun…..

I would really REALLY REALLY like to make simplicity pattern 2591 in the small sizes, but this pattern does not sell in the UK and no one has it for sale on ebay or etsy. This makes me very sad. If you are an American and have a good soul  and understand my sewing needs I would love to purchase this item. Lets sort it outs.

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