More fabric shopping, Vintage vogue 2960, bunting and the royal wedding.

18 Mar

So this is not MY bunting but it is very nice bunting from Cherish Cherries, and I have been asked and plan to make loads of bunting for the royal wedding. I have been collecting all the remnants of my makes so I can make Granny Kelly proud and make and make do. I also had a looksie around the net to find some union jack fabric to complement the remnants and bumped into this sumptious baby.

This design is a rework on the 1980s original made to commemorate Diana and Charles’s wedding, and comes in blue and white. I picked up 4 meters of this in blue for a barginus ¬£17 from my new favorite ebay seller Miloabcrabbit. Not only last week I was complaining how there was a lack of good fabric sellers….I have been proved wrong. Of course my bank manager should be worried. Very worried. I plan to make vogue¬† 2960 with this buy. The skirt part at least. Watch this space.

I also bought a ticket to go to the sewing for pleasure event at the NEC next week. As I am disabled I get a helper ticket so some lucky lady can hold all my shopping and keep an eye on me to make sure I do not spend loads of money do not fall over. That lucky lady is going to be Benjamin. I do not know how this is going to pan out seeming as I will be making him get up and ready for about 8.45am. I’ll take photos of his decent into madness whilst women flirt at him from all angles, of which he will be oblivious to and more interested in locating the exit. Priceless.

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