Sometimes I just need to share things with people…

28 Mar

Not my socks or Bodily fluids you understand. More like hugs and pictures that make me smile. Here is a collection of vintage pictures I like for different reasons- that I can then remove from my clogged hard drive.

Go on, Miss, do another emergency stop: Evacuees go for a drive in the countryside.

I actually think all these children are hers. Dirty slut.

Teaching children to swim in pre war Britain.

I would of benefited from this device. Better than just pushing you in and seeing if your still alive after 20 minutes.

An example of the wire cage which East Poplar borough council in London proposed to fix to the outside of their tenement windows, so that babies could benefit from fresh air and sunshine.

Baby in a suspended cage, check. Polluted air, check. Spending British tax payers money on such ridiculous things, check. Nothing changes.

October 1, 1940 People asleep on the escalators of an underground station during an air raid.

Aptly this picture looked quite like a usual modern Friday night trying to get back to Earling, that first guy is definitely a Hipster.

June 13, 1953 Women working in Norman Hartnell's salon watch as the Queen's coronation dress is taken for delivery to Buckingham Palace.

We all want to be that smug women holding the Queens dress, do we not? Man she is so so smug.

No caption needed.

…….absolutely safe. Your sure? I mean its a gun right? And am i mistaken in saying this little girl looks kind of….dead?

Gillette safetly razor.

Actually some of the babies I have looked after have more body hair than me. The NHS should give these out as standard.

Lucky strike smoking campaign

Of course sweets and cigarettes have on thing in common. They will make you look like the grotesque goiter in the picture with added cancer or diabetes dependent on which one you abuse. Think I’ll go climb into my suspended baby cage and get some fresh air.

vintage amazing house wife

Ahh yes, just what my fridge looks like all of the time, packed full of fake plastic food and drink. And 24 dozen eggs.

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