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New fabric purchase, the death of a friends pet- and a vintage fox collar.

17 Apr

First of all the fox fur collar has nothing to do with my friends recently deceased pet. Becky did not own a fox. She owned a Russian hamster creatively named Hammy. I have only just started spending non work related time with Becky, and after a very very unlady like night out where I may have fallen over and seem to have forgotten doing it….(this was not during work time) she introduced me to her friend called Becky and we went lady shopping. So anyone who is actually following this blog (and i feel this is no one) may recall me not shopping during lent. FAIL. Enough said.

After ‘said lent ruining activity’ she drove me back to her house (my car is still out of action) to pick up a few items so she could go babysitting. Whilst there she did the necessary introductions to family, pets and tour of her house. It was all going very well, her mum and sister were lovely, and I managed not to fall over or swear without meaning to. Then we moved on to her pets. She has a very lovely dog who let me have a good rough and tumble with her, two Guinea pigs called Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley who were really friendly and then started to move the bedding of her Hamster to show me Hammy. Hammy was unfortunately already rolled out of his bed, on his back, arms crossed, legs in the air very much deceased. This the moment that me and Becky were thrown into that unknown area of new friendship were you could really upset someone. Luckily it seems she has a very good dark sense of humor and recognized the hilarity of the situation. Poor Hammy, may his little body be laid to rest and soul depart to a bigger wheel in the sky.

On the shopping front I decided today was the day to invest in a new wrap dress in navy blue that can be worn with pretty much anything and gives the impression I COULD be Kate Middleton. With excess weight and less royal connections. Dam.

Basic navy wrap around dress £30 warehouse

Yes technically I could have sewed this one up myself, and the new sew magazines pattern is almost identical (simplicity 2369) but I hate working with jersey and sourcing it is also troublesome. So instead I did the naughty and bought me my Easter dress. Opps. So the next thing on my blogging agenda would be the introduction of Mr Bramble the first of Kimble Bandington.  Mr Bramble used to have a predecessor whom my late Granny owned and cared for. I believe this was Mrs Dimpleton of Knowle but I could not be sure. It was a long time ago. Sadly at some point over the years Mrs Dimpleton made friends with some seemingly nice natured moths, who turned out to be from Central Birmingham. They robbed her of her grandeur and estate leaving only dust behind. In other words the fox stole I was patiently waiting to inherit got eaten by moths. I was sad. I would never purchase modern furs of any animal unless i moved permanently to a freezing climate as killing animals for fashion really is unnecessary. But vintage furs, that’s another matter. I have been on the look out for a common fur stole for a while that could be worn with vintage dresses and coats. Here is Mr Bramble the first.

Vintage furs

vintage fur

Yep, he is disgusting in so many was but in others he is so cute and appealing. Look at his face. So dead and stuffed. I imagine he has been kept hidden somewhere away from society’s challenging eyes dreaming of the day he would be set free. That day has arrived. At a tiny £15 this little fella will be professionally cleaned, kept in cold storage to prevent any Birmingham moths taking advantage and worn to the most prestigious events. I will model him when he arrives. Fingers crossed he has a safe journey and all is well in his health, also that no Post Offices employee takes offense or liking to him.

I will now share with you the new fabric I bought from Ditto Fabrics from Brighton. I love Brighton and plan to move there when I get rich. Till that day I thought a ‘Brighton dress’ would be in order so what better to make a dress out of Brighton fabric from Brighton!!

Ditto Brighton Fabric is Lime 3m and in blue 1m £32 including p&p

Its a 100% cotton and although not expensive at £6.99 a meter the extra postage bumped the overall price up. I wish i has the money and time to visit Brighton on my sewcation which starts tomorrow (for a week holiday from work) but sadly not as my car is still in disrepair.  I have not decided want to I make with this lovely fabric. I was thinking one of my new collette patterns but we shall see next week.

So today the last thing to finish up is my union jack inspired Bunting. Using all the remnants from my years makes I have begun sewing up the bunting squares to make my mums Easter present just in time for the royal wedding. I had not realised but many of you visiting my sewing blog have done so by googling the word bunting so I will be making a tutorial for all you new bunting makers. Keep an eye out as it will be here really soon and have a great weekend to all.


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