I really love wierd things, and looking forward to Lemington Spa.

20 Apr

The Libby Smith shoe

Just look at these lovelies. They are so Penelope it hurts and would suit many of my Victorian dresses that are lurking in my mums house just waiting to be accessorized. The can be purchased here, but sadly the colour shown here is gone. I am blogging this in hopes to remember it and one day come back to find them…..ebay?

Also I have found these very sewing related mugs!

Kedo silicon button porcelain mug

They are made by a company called Kedo and the button is silicone. You wrap your tea bag string around the button to stop it getting in the way! Of course the other way to do this is to take the tea bag out, but I just love that red button mug!

Button cookies!!!!

These babies are edible button cookies by bakerella are the most adorable cookies I have seen! These would make wonderful presents for family members all wrapped up ready to eat! Lovely stuff. I have saved this in the tutorial section of my blog so you can make your own!

With all that has been going on with my car being trashed by unknown idiots (it got its window smashed yesterday only a week after it was vandalized) my mummy is coming to pick me up and take me for a lovely day in Lemington Spa. I am going to decorative cloth to buy 2 fat quarters of fabric to make a Easter bunny for my sisters baby, joules to see if the sailor inspired top suits me and pizza express to eat lovely lovely salad. The easter bunny make is from the March edition of Sew magazine and I will make a tutorial/review once I have finished. I do visit Lemington Spa quite a lot because it has all the sops I would need without being a city shopping center. My mum always takes the scenic route and we chat about what the cats have been up to, and if I will ever get married. Tomorrow is my nephews (my sister has 4 children) birthday so I will be joining in and having a jolly good time! Hope my mum loves her hand made bunting.

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