Loose ends and loose threads.

6 May

So I have been on hiatus for a little while since the Easter sewing fest I managed to pull together. During this time I have done quite a few sewing related things such as sourced the last of that Heather Ross snail fabric as it really is so so cute. I have no idea what to make with it as the fabric sadly did not arrive in a continuous two meters, which is my usual amount to make a dress without showing my pants of to all the world. Maybe it would look cute in a little shirt/blouse. Here is the photo round up of the easter gifts I made.

niece and bunny

Bunting bunting :)

The biggest news I have is that I caved in to the torment and bought that elusive simplicity 2591! It cost about £15 to import and I did not incur any ‘taxes’ on its delivery. I was a little angry that originally simplicity tried to charge $30 in taxes and import duty, which I obviously did not need to pay. Idiots.

simplicity 2591 all mine. ALLLLLL MIIINNNEEEE!!

I enjoyed a really lovely day out in Cheltenham on Monday with the Jazz Boys and a lovely Jazz lady. The boys were playing at the festival so while they set up us ladies took the chance to peruse the shops and market for all things cute and whimsical. I manged to buy MORE Cath Kidson dresses….oops.

Jazz Floral Sally Dress £45

Bright Bunch Hazel Dress £37.50

Yeah, I know I have a problem…. But both just look so so cute on me. No more shopping….but hair cuts, that’s a different matter. I had a very very short cut a few months ago as I really hate having long hair but as I have slimmed down more and more people have suggested growing it out a little. I would love to have a 1940s shoulder length style but I kind of have a mullet at the moment so off to see Jason tomorrow to sort out the mess I call hair. I also ‘splashed out’ on a new swim suit that celebrates my curves rather than hating them.

Blue floral swimsuit front

Blue floral swimsuit back

Yep, there is the Pièce de résistance! This little number shows off my tattoo, which never gets seen and holds my boobs in place. Woop. I am thinking of saving up and having a little pin up photo shoot done over at the Custard Factory once I have worked on my thighs a little. Ill let you know.

So the only question left is what am I going to sew next? Big question. I have still got that WIP that’s been hanging about for months now but I feel I should take some time to get to know my new body shape and read up on pattern fitting. I bought The perfect fit and Fast fit on amazon a few weeks ago. My first job is to get reading before cutting….watch this space.

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