John Lewis simplicity pattern sale!!!!! We are ALL special.

19 Aug

So I was innocently searching through the pattern books at John Lewis today (partly because I have been really inspired by other sewing blogs this week, but mostly because I love wasting time rifling in dark corners and dreaming of the endless possibility’s patterns create) when I noticed that the Simplicity pattern book had a obvious mistake on the front of it. Patterns that are usually £8.15 were £2.58 and some of the lower priced patterns were down to £1.89. My face looked a little like this.

"hell yeah, dog foo...I mean patterns"

Of course all the patterns I had found and contemplated buying where either vogue, butterick, Burda or New Look. I then relised New Look is simplicity and asked if that meant they were also on sale. The women I asked gave me a ‘what are you talking about face’ and informed me that someone had changed the pattern pricing tag on the book around, as patterns cost more than £2.50 to print.

My face looked a little like this.

'but I wanted to buy some stuffs'

Seeing my disappointed sad rejected face, she offered to appease me by letting me have one pattern at said price. She went into some long winded shop keep rant about consumer rights and customer satisfaction, where in which I lost the point of the conversation and drifted off into a sewing wonderland called my brain. Anyway, the jist of the matter was I could have one pattern at £2.59. Woop!!! She left me to peruse the book, whilst she went to tell the man at the till I was special and therefore got special price. Turns out we are ALL special and either John Lewis have gone mad or I am the butt of a very welcomed joke. ALL SIMPLICITY PATTERNS AT 76% OFF!!!!! I am doing a little dance of joy. You should be too- whilst getting in the car/bike/bus and getting down to John Lewis.   Here are the patterns I purchased.

Simplicity 2593 £2.58

There are a lot of lovely makes of this top and its variations if you search google. I love that a few people have adapted the pattern and made it into a mini dress. I am banking that idea for later, but for now I promised to make some tops as I have sooooo many dresses. This pictures is taken from

Kestrel used a lovely dark mustard check fabric to create a beautifully versatile top. I can see this working with my skinny black jeans and brogues or Laura skirt and over sized cardigan.  Yummy. Click the link above for kestrels blog and more pics.

The next pattern up is Simplicity 4044.

Simplicity 4044 £2.58

Now I have been lusting over this pattern for a while as it completes my simplicity vintage reprint collection…until they print more. Anyway, I never make skirts so thought this pattern with the cute waistband may be a good start. I also want to make trousers but recognize my sway back bum may cause issues.

The picture of the lovely smiley lady came from miss Jane’s flicker page. She gives a good description of making the skirt but mostly I just love the finished product. I think a plain fabric would give me endless versatility with my wardrobe. I can imagine my brogues making yet another appearance and my lovely Cath Kidston shirt. Scrumptious.

Next up is a baby dress/romper!

simplicity 4711 £2.06

Cute cute cute! After the success of the baby cord dress I made for my niece I really wanted to make another baby outfit, but could not find a retro pattern that fit the bill. This is not a retro reprint but is good enough. The cute little romper makes me wish they did it in my size….

The baby in this picture does not belong to me although I wish it did. SOOOOO cute. This picture has come from here. Check it out. This baby has so much cuteness I can not even begin to explain.

Moving on to another pattern.

Simplicity 4055 £1.79

I am not going to add a found make of this dress because I can not find any I really like, and I do not intend to make the full length dress without adaptation. I am aware that almost every year the regency dress comes back into fashion- or at least the silhouette does so thought at under £2 It make come in handy for a later date. I also make costumes for shows ect so maybe I will be called on by Mr darcy. One can only hope. :)

Simplicity 2180 £2.58

ANOTHER dress I hear you say. Yes I KNOW! To many dresses. I have 100s of dress patterns and mostly wear separates. Opps. Anyway I Actually thought this dress would make a cute top with the back cut out. How I am going to wear a bra one does not know. Lets worry about that later.

I just LOVE this version of the dress variation B which has been shortened. I would agree that it looks very cute when short. I have now lost 5 stone and 7 lbs!!! So i think I can get away with having my back on show like this lovely lady is doing, but she is doing it better. :)

Now the last of my pattern spree consists of this baby.

NEW LOOK 6808 £2.58

So if you are astute….or just plain picky you will not this is not a simplicity pattern. It was NOT on sale and should have been full priced, but it seems the man on the till decided I was very special and counted it as a reduced item. I pointed out it was New Look, he pointed out I was special. I shut up. I think this may have been backwards flirting, and when half price patterns are involved bring it on!!! That’s the kind of guy I would marry. So the reason I bought this is because I came across a certain blog that talked about up cycling. I used to up cycle back in the day, which mostly this meant sewing Emo stars on everything. Now I want to try a little more refined version that “So, zo” has inspired me to try. A top made from a old mans shirt. Not that the man would necessarily be old…but I do love older men. I have fallen in love with this guy from the skate shop near me all over again.

Here is zoe and her up-cycled old mans shirt. Love it. She used the pattern for the collar and I believe she just used her talent to make up the rest. I wonder if I can pull that off…probably not. I do have a few shirt/dress patterns that could work. I am still making the adaptation of Collette ceylon dress into a cowboy type shirt so maybe I could breed the two patterns together… this space on that idea :)

So I also bought issue 27 of sew magazine today that had yet ANOTHER Cynthia Rowley dress free with it. I quite like it when you get an actual brand sewing pattern with an issue, as I have made the patterns  they draft- they are not on here for a reason. The size 8 dress I made could of fit a elephant…maybe I will blog about that disaster.

Free with issue 27 sew magazine £5.99

Yeah I am not crazy about this one, specially not that jacket. I mean did they just get a life jacket and cut it up, draw round it and claim its fashion? Add a whistle and some buoyancy aids and it could be pan air chic! Maybe if our plane goes down and your wearing this and I’m not you could laugh at my fashionable drowned body floating past you as you escape out the door Or maybe it would come in handy to stop rhinos from attacking. If I go on safari I’ll consider it…but till then lets move on. :)

Making magazine issue 12 £4.99 mod dress

Not a complected pattern but a cute one. I love MOD style and this could make another cute top. I very rarely buy this magazine as its a bit…lame, but maybe it will be better than last time. You never know. I like to try things at least twice before I proclaim “never again” a bit like kissing boys ;)

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6 Responses to “John Lewis simplicity pattern sale!!!!! We are ALL special.”

  1. Debi August 20, 2011 at 10:25 am #

    oooohhh! I am going to John Lewis tomorrow! CANT WAIT to check out this sale!!!

    • elationcreations August 20, 2011 at 3:23 pm #

      let me know what you buy and more importantly what you intend to make :) xx

  2. prttynpnk August 20, 2011 at 12:25 pm #

    I’ve made 2180- Love the look, but the bra issue has kept it somethign I just visit in my closet!

    • elationcreations August 20, 2011 at 3:25 pm #

      Oh no, this is the first thing that ran through my head but I ignored it… have you blogged your make? I would love to see some pictures of it in action. I am not a typical body shape as I am quite short so this might make that back even more of an issue…. thank you for posting xxx

  3. angie.a August 20, 2011 at 12:28 pm #

    Such a cute puggy!! You were right, I think we were separated at birth! haha! :D

    • elationcreations August 20, 2011 at 3:27 pm #

      Hehe, glad you also share my weird sense of humor :) Most people just think I am mad. Im going to keep an eye on your blog to make sure I am not you and you are not me….or the world might explode :) xx

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