Another finised project. Adapted colette ceylon with Cath Kidston yoke detail.

28 Aug

I just loved my Ceylon dress so much that I took a leaf out of colette’s snippet emails and decided to make another. This fabric hungry pattern asks for 2.5m of shell fabric and I also lined the first creation with another 1.5m so looked to adapt the pattern a little to save my pocket a second thrashing. Other bloggers have trimmed the skirt down to a tight fitting waddle creations which I liked. This skirt shape suits me better than a full skirt, but I recently purchased this little number from Aspire in Solihull and decided I did not need another tight fitting dress for a while.

Dolores tight dress by collectif £49

Instead I spent a few hours organising my wardrobe to determine what type of items I lack- the answer is unique tops. I make lots of dresses but never tops. So how about a adapted Ceylon shirt? I like shirts, as long as they fit well and show off my curves. Project!!!!  The yoking on the dress screams cowboy to me, and almost automatically I reached into my stash and produced some saved up cath Kidtson cowboy fabric.

I have been converting this since I purchased 0.5m from the Birmingham branch and intended to make a few vintage head band ties with them, but then found places selling them for £3 and decided to save this for a rainy day. Is has been raining all week…perfect. To go with the Cowboys I found some 1” by 1” gingham square cotton that I wanted to experiment with (making sure the plaids line up) and this seemed like a good a time as any.

So we have the fabric, how will I adapt the pattern? All I needed to do was lengthen the bodice by about 3 inches. I did this by folding the fabric, using the squares as a guide and cutting outwards so as to give enough room for my hips. I then waited till I had tacked the seams together before sewing seams slimmer to accommodate my shape.

Working out the kinks

The beauty about making a pattern again for me, is that I already have a copied duplicate pattern with amendments to work from (I never cut patterns), I know how the construction process should flow and I can mess around a little with the fabric as I know what the garment will look like on me.

Here I am sewing the button holes over the pattern guide. Unlike before I actually sewed the whole button pattern guide into the seams, which gave me a much better finish. I just removed the pattern piece by tearing it out when I was done. I shall use this technique again as it worked well. Just make a copy of the button guide.

I used bias binding on all the inside seams, sewing them as I went rather than at the end so all seems sit flush and in the right direction. I usually get annoying ‘quiffs’ where I have sewed a seams backwards. Not this time, oh no! I also knew the back where the gathering is would be to long and baggy so I fixed that in the cutting stages.

Buttons, Buttons whose got the Buttons?

Here I am experimenting with the buttons. My mother bought me loads of buttons and tin for Christmas and slowly I have been eating them up in projects. Sadly she never knows how many buttons to buy me, so sometimes I end up short for a project. I found another blogger who used miss matching vintage buttons on a skirt and I decided to steal that idea. The round buttons where from my mum, the heart shaped ceramic buttons I found in Falmouth and had lost until yesterday. I sewed them in the formation of heart, round, round, heart, round, round, heart and round. You have to go round my heart lots to get me to smile :)

ceylon colette front

ceylon colette back

As you can see waldo is photo bombing. I really worked hard on the sway back I own so that the pattern sits right in the small of it, without riding up all the time. I used Black, blue and red as the main colours, making it a little primary based for me….no mustard?  I hear you cry. None whats so ever. It does on the other hand lend itself well to my black skinnys and blue jumper so fits in my wardrobe without to much trouble. What do you think? My photographer did not like my mix of buttons, or the blue/red mix. In fact I am not sure he likes this shirt.

I went to Oxford yesterday and visited the huge Cath Kidston store to try on clothes, look at fabric and buy some socks. I wore the finished shirt to much appreciation of the lovely girls who worked there. Lots of owing and arring :) Also father very kindly decided it was about time we all got new barbour jackets. I have never owned one, but remember my mum asking me when I was about 10 if I would like one as they were buying new ones, and my sister was getting her first. I imagined a ‘wax’ jacket meaning leather and said yes. After being dragged all over the place, with my parents getting angry at how short and small I was for my age they had to give up on buying me one until ‘I grew up a bit’ which at the time suited me fine. I hated the horrid waxy jacket my dad owned and it made him smell like wet dog. So for a further 17 years of trying to ignore the wax jackets, I gradually moved over to the dark side. Every time I saw one on a girl I would make funny growling noises and try to steal it from her person. My parents 17 year old jackets just gave up the ghost so new ones were in order. I tagged along hopefully.

And here she is :) Beadnell liberty lined barbour.

I am not quite sure how this happened. I meant to get a quilted little number that cost about £90 and are all the rage in fashion right now, but my dad insisted that quilted jackets are to be worn under these things and I could get one another day. He went on about investment. So I picked up this most expensive and gorgeous item to see his reaction. He simply said ‘i’d rather have the tartan  myself but if this is your thing, then get it’   He almost ended up getting me the scarf to go with it and waldo a little dog jacket….but I for some reason refused. We almost had more issues with my sizing again. The smallest size they do was a wee bit big one me even with a shirt, jumper and quilted jacket underneath. I loved hearing my dad declare ‘you can grow into it’. He still thinks of me as 10. :)

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