Wonderful Weasel Wednesday

14 Sep

Welcome once again you weasel loving peeps to “Wonderful Weasel Wednesday!” I am not feeling too wonderful today. I am having one of those sneaky hate spirals and as a remedy I’m off for some retail therapy, but before I do- here are some FAMOUS weasels.

I am weasel

This weasel is now president of the United States. What about Obama I here you cry? Pft. That was just a cover up, because no one would believe a weasel could be the PERFECT president, except you and me of course. They had to employ a few new white house cleaners to hide all the shedding, but they keep on top if it. Here is a weasel hair cleaner.

Another famous weasel is the one that hangs about women being painted and Leonardo da Vinci.

Apparently ermine were used to wipe ones bum in the olden days, a rather warm and washable substitute to the communal rag on a stick or leaves. Women used to store the weasel in their many skirts until one became disposed- some women decided to show off their weasel in a way of shocking others. It was kind of a feminist movement to have your weasel on show. This rather hipster weasel displaying soon became the norm and the rich had white weasels to show off how much they could spend on having it cleaned.

For those of you who are now clamoring to shout ‘that’s not a weasel its and otter’ shut up. The truth of the matter is otters can not act. They auditioned 1000s of otters only to realize that an endangered species is more concerned with producing young who can run away from humans, rather act along side them. So they cast a very good Natured weasel who had to dress in a otter suit for filming. I was in charge of sewing that outfit and never did that lovely weasel complain about being stuffed into an otter costume or about not getting any credit for his fantastic performance.

These pair of ham actors are from my all time favorite kids TV series- animals of farthing wood. I hated these weasels portrayal of their kind. She had a stupid common accent that made my hair stand on end, a laugh to make you feel sick and he acted like David Beckham. In fact they really remind me of that stupid couple. She kept getting drunk on set and in the end they had to incorporate that theme into the show so they could get away with her behavior. See this link to watch disgraceful drunk weasel behavior.

Last but not least the most famous weasel of them all….the prehistoric weasel king.  He ruled when man could hardly from sentences and used our lower intelligence to great gain. Living in luxury whilst his human subjects were forced to draw in dark caves for long hours and no pay, He would kill and eat anyone who did not entertain him, and wiped his bum on human babies. One for the arts he was the reason man took up cave painting. You could say, this weasel is the reason why we humans can paint, and also why we are scared of the dark. Ode to the king of weasels.

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2 Responses to “Wonderful Weasel Wednesday”

  1. Kristin Mahoney July 26, 2013 at 4:23 pm #

    Did you really sew an otter costume for a weasel to play the otter in Ring of Bright Water???

    • elationcreations August 20, 2013 at 3:18 pm #

      Hi Kristin,

      No I am afraid I did not sew an otter costume for a weasel- it was just a bit of a joke :) I can confirm that an otter was cast in the film. thank you for reading :) x

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