New Boden collection in! So many wants.

7 Jan

As you all should know by now I have a few loved and trusted retailers who I return to season after season to provide me with items I have not got the time or know how to craft myself or I just really love. As the winter season is swept out of the stores like so much flotsam Boden has released its Spring collection with gusto teasing us with 20% off most new styles and free delivery. Yum yum.

From top left: Blanket stitch scarf in buttercup: £35, Trench coat in sand: £129, Classical satchel in tan: £129, Straight leg capris in grey/white stripe: £49, Retro swimsuit in brown: £49, Textured stitch jumper in sulphur:£59, Riviera shirt dress in truffle magnolia: £89 and favorite pull ons in lavender county garden: £29

Yum indeed. As you can see I am still in love with yellows, browns and blues using neutral colours like cream and grey as fillers.

Jumper detailing

My all time favorite of this collection is the textured stitch jumper. It is just so wonderful. The rich shade of yellow, the textured knitted detail, and the cute buttons on the neckline. The detailing is the thing I just love about boden. I am not mad for their distinctive prints- I leave that to mrs Kidston and I generally buy my outsidey type clothes from Joules but when it comes to making a jumper a beauty or a casual tunic a winner Boden know what women want. This women wants it all! I have already given in to temptation and ordered the jumper with a 20% off offer as I would be very sad not to have one. The next item on the list is the dress. I am not 100% sold as the colour combination is a little off-key for me and the picture makes it look a little frumpy. I shall wait for Cath to bring out her new collection (which I have been told by an insider that the dresses are well designed, retro and cheaper than last season) and decide then. I still have a lovely gift voucher for Cath Kidston and Joules to spend at my leisure thanks to my many santas delivering the goods. As for the trench apart from the lining I bought almost the same design from Forever 21 in autumn so really I am just being cheeky adding it so as to remind myself how great it will look. The scarf is cute but I could and should make my own version. I would use a brown spot fabric (which I already own) and blanket stitch mustard embroidery thread around the edges (which I already own) so watch this space. The satchel is lovely but I bought a red/brown version from Oasis before christmas as I really needed to replace my £7 primark version. I wore it everyday for about 9 months and it died a horrid death :( The oasis version is like a owning a Porsche in comparison but I have had a few minor issues of loosing items in the many pockets. Maybe if this item goes in the sale…..other wise I would be tempted to buy the Pedlers version.

Trousers are always an issue for the vertically challenged of us and as I have ample curve in my hip and short legs I am always sceptical of online purchases. I recently gave 40% of my old wardrobe away to charity due to space restrictions and weight loss so I have only one pair of summer/spring trousers that should fit okay. They are blue and linen. The thing about these trousers apart from the lovely grey stripes are that they come in petite! woop. They may actually be Capri length rather than turn ups and they are on discount…..okay, I have talked myself into it :)

The last little beauty out of these wants is the swimsuit. Brown, spotty and retro. I am drawling! But, I hear you say…what about that other ‘i will wear this forever’ swimsuit I bought last summer. The blue one. The one waldo made me tramp about in whilst pulling  him over wet sand. The thing is- although I love that swimsuit and it did all the things it needed to last summer, I am now another stone lighter and a cup size smaller…. yay for me but nay for bagging all over the top swimsuit.

On a more socially acceptable ending to this new years want post- I wish you all a happy 2012. I hope this year is the start of something new for us all xxx

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4 Responses to “New Boden collection in! So many wants.”

  1. Joanne January 7, 2012 at 8:19 pm #

    Ooh good luck with the surgery Elle and congratulations of losing all that weight – that’s amazing! I hope you recover quickly and wish you all the very best. x

    • elationcreations January 8, 2012 at 12:41 pm #

      Thank you very much Joanna! I am hoping that sewing up patterns will be easier :) Imagine telling your surgeon that! I also want to comend you on such a lovely version of new look 6000! I have that pattern….but sewing is off for a bit. I am learning to knit! :) hope you are well xxxx

  2. Poppy's Style January 24, 2012 at 6:09 pm #

    It’s gorgeous isn’t it? I already have the Must Have Jumper and plenty of tunics that I have ordered and received…the Como cardigan is sitting next to me here in the office still in it’s packaging – I can’t wait to open it!

    • elationcreations January 25, 2012 at 11:27 am #

      Photo’s poppy! I need to see photos! I really love that Must have jumper too but as I have a few plain ones thought I would have the seed stitch. Is the must have itchy at all? thats my usual concern with jumpers… and open that new package!!! :)

      In the end I ordered a bretton tunic in the taupe- really lovely and true to size. Happy they have put a little more shape into them this year. My last one was a little ‘baggy’ around the waist. To go with it I bought the leggings in grey- there leggings are really great quality and do not become see through when worn. I hate that!

      I got that lovely Jumper in yellow. Its so cute and goes well with lots of things. Just my larger chest makes it look a bit boxy. It still suits me so I’ve kept it. I also bought a scalloped edge shirt- they are amazing! The fit spot on, and the fabric light for summer but great for layers.

      The last thing I bough was the relaxed tunic. I have no idea if I should keep it. It look ‘odd’ on me. I’m not sure I should go up a size or down. It is one of those where it confuses you into a ‘put it in the wardrobe till later’ affairs. Did you buy one? I would love to see you wearing them on your blog… you have a really great figure- and I wish boden would do a section of customer photos as it gives me a better idea what to buy. My usual question would be ‘what will boobs look like in that’ :)

      I recently had a job interview (a first and second) and ended up wearing everything I bought except the relaxed tunic. Who would have thought boden could make leggings look smart? Will blog soon and I am now following you :) x

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