A gift of time gone by, from a family member I will always remember- a blog promoted by Pilar to cure procrastination.

26 Jun


I have an Uncle.

Me and my awesome Uncle….

He gave me a tin full of vintage sewing crap. My heart (all ready brimming with joy) exploded into a raptures display of star-dust and kittens when the tin turned out to belong to my Auntie Cath (his mother in law) and my Granny (his mother in laws sister).  I loved both these women more than I can express, and every day I miss them. My Granny is the reason for my love of sewing, vintage and methodical logic. She is my Hero.

I could not express in words how much I appreciated this gift. I kind of did the same twitchy nod and bow I once gave Prince Philip when he visited Touchwood Shopping center and exclaimed his excitement that we sold Brassieres! Not that my Uncle is Prince Philip….before someone sues me for perjury. No, he is just a fantastic human who does interesting stuffs.

The point of this blog, is not as you may believe to be boasting about my Uncle but to be sharing the goods! Most, if not all the items were vintage and had some packaging that needed to be enjoyed my all who like such crap. If this is not you, look away now as some packaging was hurt in the making of this documentary.


Gütermann vintage packaging :) I use Gütermann threads all the time in my sewing so this little bag made me smile. It means my Gran also used the same brand. It is a great brand….just in case you did not know :)


Elasticated thread at 19p you say? This reminded me of the maths tutor my mother forced me to have so I passed my GCSE’s. The work books we used always had 1/2 pence values and things cost ridiculously small amounts. I liked to day dream (when I was meant to be working) about how life would be if I could buy all the shoes I wanted for 2p a go. Then I became a feminist. Feminists are not meant to think about these things…….


Walker and Ling- Weston super mare still exists :) I have never visited it because until now, I did not know my Gran and Aunt made special trips to get notions only they stocked! Next time I go I will pay a visit to browse this shop- just because my Gran visited it.

Some more bags…. these are from Solihull’s department store Beatties, which is not called House of Fraser. Before Touchwood was built this used to be the one stop shop for all my sewing needs. They stocked pattern books. which they placed out of the reach of small little me. :( When I could I’d get my mum to pass a book down and dream about what I wanted to me. A mermaid, A vet or a Doctor….. The collection show the graphic design changes of the brand over a few years.

Some sumptuous buttons and other things. I have to come up with some projects for these items……

So alongside the bag of odds and ends there was a tin of 100s of spools of thread. All the colours of the rainbow but also on lovely vintage spools :) What can these be used for after the yarn has disappeared? Suggestions welcome…..

So, after procrastinating by logging, sorting and finding homes for these items I have to admit I am meant to be sewing a project, because I pledged to a very dear fellow sewing friend Pilar (of pilar bear)  that I would get my act together. I have been, for want of a better phrase ‘fannying about’ since my operation. Although I have been ebaying some of my wears, my crafting has come to a halt. Things need to change………  I promise they will :)

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5 Responses to “A gift of time gone by, from a family member I will always remember- a blog promoted by Pilar to cure procrastination.”

  1. Amy June 26, 2012 at 4:09 pm #

    Wow what a great treasure trove to be given, such a lovely post.
    I am a collector of old sewing bits and bobs and frequently trawl charity shops for such items. I recently saw a great way to use vintage sewing spools when they no longer house cottons. Stick a row of them (eg 5) on to a small plank of (painted?) wood, so the round end is glued down, and then mount the wood onto the wall and use it for hanging things on (eg jewelry, light clothing). Not sure how sturdy it would be but looks beautiful. If you make one I’d love to see a pic :)

    • elationcreations June 26, 2012 at 5:00 pm #

      This is such an awesome idea Amy! Thank you for the inspiration… a lovely distressed piece of wood with these wood looks so cute. I will be saving the spools up for such a project now :)

      thanks again for reading and commenting x

  2. Lucie Scott June 26, 2012 at 6:09 pm #

    laura usually i let certain comments go by but for you describe our mother like that has really upset me and i wanted to let you know that. mum (and dad) have done so much for you over the last few months especially and the last few years and i feel that you should show a little more respect.your sister Lucie

    • elationcreations June 27, 2012 at 4:48 pm #

      As sister I understand how you may read comments about your mum is a away that is ridicule, but I write my Blog as things happen in my view. I respect mum with all my heart, but she sometimes (i am guilty of doing this also) says things in a way that would be funny to on lookers. This scenario happened, and I have talked to her about it. I do appreciate your view, and apologize for any upsetting comments you may feel have been said. If you would like me to remove this post or any other that have offended you, I will. Just let me know sister.

      • elationcreations June 27, 2012 at 4:57 pm #

        I have removed any offending words, and thank you for your honest comments. Always feel free to tell me your views, as I appreciate them and respect them.

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