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A few previously purchased patterns.

23 Mar

So as I have commented before I am trying to stop buying similar vintage and modern day patterns by keeping a blogged record of what I have, what I intend to make and what I would like. Here is a quick installment of patterns I have collected over time and some lovely creations from other crafters.


Burda 7494

This lovely modern pattern is Burda 7494 which comprises of a cute little peter pan collared dress and a bolero style one button jacket. I have never made a burda pattern before despite having about 30 issues of the magazine to make, review and blog about (bet you will enjoy that) but this little number caught my eye whilst trawling trough a burda catalogue in a little sewing shop in Holt of Norfolk.

It was marked down in price as the women was expecting the new designs in so I got this for about £4. Not sure what burda usually charges.

Below is a already made project by a lady called Ali of wardrobe reimagined. You can read her blog here. I love her yellow take on this dress with the patterned collar. The block colour really makes the detailing stand out and it really fits nicely.

Burda 7494

Next we have a vintage 1952 reprint from retro Butterick 4790. This is a wrap dress that is meant to be easy and quick to make….we shall see. It looks a little weird to be honest and I have a few mixed opinion on those who have made it. I also originally bought this in the larger sizes and had to re-order in the smaller….with both priced together I have spent about £12 on them now. Not my cheapest pattern by far.

Butterick 4790

Butterick 4790 line

Butterick 4790 real

Here is an example by sew i thought who blogged its creation here. Her new own hosted blog by the same name is one of my favorites as this little lady makes lovely clothes and reworks old thrifts. This take on a very over made pattern is ravishing. The pink contrast with delicate print is simply gorgeous and it is also nice to see that button detailing done so well.

Butterick 5315

Next up is this very 90’s looking button up dress with belt and puff sleeves by butterick 5315. I’ll be honest I skipped right over this when I first viewed it on sewing patterns direct. The pattern picture did not inspire me and I usually steer clear of button ups due to my large cup size.

But as sewing pattern direct had a buy one get two free deal of for members I searched all the current patterns on google images and this dress has been made by quite a few people. Best of all I loved some of the makes those sewing ladies had created. Check this baby out!

butterick 5315 real

I love everything about this dress made by Anna of pleasant view schoolhouse blogged here. Not only does Anna know how to sew, she also sounds like just the kind of lady I would enjoy a cup of tea and cake with. This linen dress is superbably finished and the belt is simply darling. I have that red thistle linen cotton mix fabric that would hang well, but the simple colour on this dress has made me think twice about using such a pattern….watch this space.

new look 6000

new look 6000

This modern pattern manages to have a retro 60s feel to it some how. Many of Newlooks patterns seems to have the ability to do this like my previous make blogged here.

This is not the same pattern of cource. this is newlook 6000. I love that neck like and gathered side detail. A wonderful version of this is by KKmatti on Flicker link here.

KKmatti new look 6000

This dress is the bomb, but you really need to check the link because it shows the back of the dress and the collar. She is working that collar! It also looks exactly like the pattern cover. Just love it.

The next two patterns are really similar…evidence of me duping my patterns. I really want a pair of good fitting, high waisted 1940’s style trousers to match my stripe gypsy crop top. I am thinking nautical blue fabric, but then again aren’t I always?

simplicity 3688

simplicity 3688

I would like to add white buttons and make a really cute sailor outfit to wear whilst in Cornwall. With a pair of deck shoes. Dash deck shoes. Funny how I refused to wear deck shoes when I was a child but now I love them….

Here is a fantastic representation of this pattern adapted to a more nautical theme, blogged here. I love this project and also seeing a normal sized lady wearing them. She looks sublime, and there is hope for me yet.

simplicity 3688 real

simplicity 3688

Another lovely version of these pants are by a blogger called debi. The hot pink shirt and hair make these trousers very classy. They are also well made and fit lovely.

The fabric makes the trousers evening wear rather than captain at see wear. Wish I was a captain at sea. A vintage captain. In a vintage sea. Made out of cup cakes….anyway so the next pattern is a vogue. I bought it as I got a buy one get 2 free deal and stitchy witch made an amazing pair.

Now I probably bang on about stitchy witch alot, which I do but it was the first blog about sewing I ever came across. The lady who runs it taught me a lot about self confidence, she was a knitter and turned her hand to sewing. All her garments look bought. Simply gorgeous.

vogue 8604

What is not gorgeous is the picture on this pattern, which I passed right buy it when I initially looked at the vogue selection. I hate animal print these days so the posh spice look does not get me hot around the collar, but as this weeks sew weekly discusses, you can not judge a pattern by its picture.

vogue 8604

Stitchy witch

On your right we have suzy’s lovely modern take on the pattern. Styled with bright red and black it gives a totally different to stitchys retro vibe, but just as wonderful.

Stitchys high waisted jeans look extremely 40s. More 40s then the 1940s reprint pattern…. i will probably use this pattern first. I want really high waisted jeans to cover any chance of my mid drift drifting into view.

Maybe not such a dupe after all.


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