.Places I buy fabric supplies.

Fabric rainbow, my favorite kind.

Here is a list of all the places that I have purchased fabrics or supplies with links and descriptions of what they sell. I do not work for any of these sellers or get commission but maybe mention my name so I can get discount….that would be amazing. (and my bank manager would love you)


http://stores.ebay.co.uk/fabricsandfancies sell colette patterns at very reasonable prices, as well as fabrics and trimmings that are wonderfully presented.

Miloabcrabbit (blogged here and Here) is an amazing seller who holds wonderful quality products at extremely reasonable prices. Their communication is great, the postage cheap, items neatly packaged  and delivery timescale quick. If you buy over £30 of fabric they offer free delivery. They also run a website but I have not ordered from it yet so try it out and let me know.

Favourite fabrics sells…my favourite fabrics! (blogged here) Lovely Brenda holds a wide range of lovely cotton lawns and the shop is clearly set out with good pictures and descriptions. I bought a whole load of fabric for planned projects and all the fabric arrived on time and well packaged. Not cheap but great quality and service.

Fancy moon fabrics sells brand name fabrics at usual £10+ per meter prices and sells in 1/2 meter increments. I have not ordered much from this shop yet as I tend to find the same product a little cheaper some where else, but they have loads of interesting fabrics.


Decorative cloth is a lovely boutique style fabric shop in Royal Leamington spa, which sells a range of quality dress makers fabrics, quilting quarters and haberdashery items all at competitive prices. The lady who owns it is lovely and knowledge able and her other female employee is friendly and helpful. Stocks Burda patterns to boot. They also do a mail order which I have never tried, but keep your hands of their remnant shelf. It is all mine.

Fabricland of Newbury sells a very small selection of discounted fabrics usually ranging from about £3-5. I was not overly impressed with the service from the women in the shop or the quality of the fabrics but then again cheaper fabrics mean sacrifice I guess. Stocks newlook, simplicity, vogue, McCalls and Butterick patterns.

The Fancy silk store is a jumble sale of mystery fabrics with mystery price tags. (blogged here) This is my least favorite shop to buy fabrics from and will usually only go in with a male chaperon because certain employees get so excited about women they try to touch them. They have so many fabrics that even walking around the shop is hard and uncomfortable and unlike other fabric stores the staff seem to know nothing about the fabrics. If you are making a cheap costume go here. If you are making anything you want to love go some where else. Stocks patterns- not sure which.

Barrys Fabric store in Birmingham holds loads of cheap fabrics in the shop and in the Birmingham markets. The first place I would head for muslin or make up fabrics especially when I was a student. Not really unique shop, but worth a visit if your in the area. I do feel that some of the women who work there are retired 1950s home technology teachers who disapprove of anyone touching their stock. A smile once in a while would go a long way. They stock NewLook patterns but most others have to be ordered in. Must say as of late there has been an in flux of lovely fabrics and new staff who smile more than once a year :)perfect.

Something Special in Holt, Unit A Feathers Yard, Market Place, Holt, NR25 6BF. A wonderful little haberdashery selling printed cottons, burda patterns and bits and pieces you will find a use for. Also Holt is a fantastic place with REAL vintage shops selling 1900s-1960s fashions at reasonable prices. I wish I had more time to venture around Holt when I visited my friends but one can not ignore a family you have not seen for 10 years to indulge in shopping….or can they?


Ray Stitch has an exemplary website that is easy to navigate and visually modern. They carry some hard to find American patterns such as Colette and Ami Butler. I have a list about as long as a long arm that I want to purchase from Ray Stitch. Take a look at all those lovely fabric prints. I love the ranges they hold like clouds 9 which have colours that work together. Lovely stuff. UPDATE ordered some patterns and buttons during there 20% off sale and they were fantastic to order from.

http://www.fabrictales.com/ sell amazing Japanese fabrics with cute cute animals on straight from japan. The shipping costs from as little as $2 and at the most $30.

http://merchantandmills.com/  A truly british affair. I will be spending on this site this weekend. Update soon.

http://www.u-handbag.com A place to get some really lovely bag making tools and equipment.






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