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Creating a life less boring

27 Feb

Welcome to my first blog about sewing and designing! After lurking on many sewing blog sites I decided it is about time I had my own! I am hoping this will encourage me to finish projects, share them, get advise from fellow crafters, show case some of my work and also save money by having a place where all my patterns are stored.I keep buying similar patterns on ebay! It’s very annoying.

Please feel free to wipe your feet,come in and help yourself to cupcakes, Just let me know you are here and share your ideas. That is what life is all about! Also I have a pug.

‘All you need is pug’

Captain Waldo is 10 months old and loves eating, sleeping, eating my sewing, sleeping on my sewing and me. I think. He is wearing a handmade creation by a lovely lady called Jessica Lynne. She sells wonderful items from her esty shop here:

http://www.etsy.com/shop/jessicalynneart and also here http://allyouneedispug.com/ which is my favorite as it tells you about the wonderful story of her gorgeous pug JD. Waldo did not come with a story- but he is making up for it by causing constant chaos.  This would include being the star of Red Candy’s big red blog. Here is waldo featuring in their ‘Where’s Wally Friday!’ section, in which every Friday waldo hides/visits somewhere and you have to guess where he is!  Go have a go, you know you want to. I will update his progress as he travels.

Other news for today would include Boden’s new additions to there Johnnie B range. I just love Boden and have already invested my savings for summer in a few key items. The new Johnnie B range has a playsuit that makes my heart beat faster and my bank manager frown. Here is the play suit and the other items I want to co-ordinate with it.


I imagine myself wearing this play suit with my vintage red sandals whilst eating a ice cream sundae. Yum.


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